Monday, March 17, 2014

I know I am one of the lucky ones... this little guy proves it!
She was crawling around on the table that I use to take pictures, next to my window.  
Only she and my pib (partner in beads) Cynthia Tucker knew what was waiting for me.
I had a REALLY long day at work (I work at a DMV) and was especially excited and in a hurry to get home today to see that the mailman brought.

WOW~  What a BEAUTIFUL surprise I received!  I know Cynthia loves the sea, and it truly shows in every single bead she has made and shared with me.  Beautiful, beautiful colors of the ocean!  Sea for yourself!

My soup was packaged so nicely in pretty colorful organza bags with a cute little Spring card.  You can see by the snow in the background, Mother Nature has different plans for us here.  All the better to get beautiful sea inspired beads!

 I can't wait to get to work with these cuties, especially the adorable fish! And the depth of the sea side focal is just fantastic!
 So, I definitely think I'm the lucky one, and my lady bug friend agrees!

Thank you Cynthia!

Hope the rest of you are all as lucky!

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  1. I love the beach necklace, good job adding the bottle..