Monday, October 22, 2012

Something new...
Artisan glass quilting pin necklace

I've had this nifty lampworking cone mandrel for a couple of years, not knowing what to do with it.
I'd like to take credit for this cool idea, but I saw it on one of the mandrel sellers sites. 

Here I have used ivory glass and added Triton accents.  Triton is a silver rich blue glass that does awesome things in a certain type of torch flame.  I have used a reducing flame on this particular one to give it a pretty metallic look.

I then added some natural wool and needle felted a cap on the end and inside of the cone.  This creates the pin cushion.  It all comes together with copper wire and a copper bead chain necklace.

I also created a few coordinating pins with lampwork teardrops for the head.  Those are made right onto the pin itself, so they aren't coming off.

I will have these at the upcoming RMSC show.  If you can't make it there and would like to purchase one just contact me through my blog or Facebook (simply cindy).  They are 35$ each.

What a great Christmas gift for your favorite quilter or sewer.  Unique!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Getting ready for the RMSC Holiday Bazaar!  Having a hard time motivating myself.  Waiting for that "thing" to click that gets me moving.  I'm not so sure of what to expect from this show.  My first time ever.  I'm tucked away in a tiny little corner.  Hopefully people will wander over to where I am.

But...for now... here is a new item in the ETSY shop.

I love making these little fire bottles.  It's fun to search antique shops for unique little bottles to convert into a new useful decoration!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trying to keep up!

Had a great show at the Hilton Apple Fest!  Tons of people, even if the weather on Sunday was a little iffy.  Now I will try to get the ETSY shop well stocked again.  My made to order fine silver rings are doing GREAT.  They make great simple thumb rings...and are only $8 each...check it out!  Each one is made just for you!

Just posted a cute little owl pendant to!  Easy adjustable slide leather cord and a simple cute little lampwork owl.