Monday, March 3, 2014

And the winner is.....

ME!  Because my partner in beads this year is Cynthia Tucker.   A fellow lampworker with the same love of the sea as me!   I'm excited!

Here is a link to Cynthia's ETSY shop, so you can sea (haha) her awesome work for yourself.
Sea of Glass Beads on ETSY

More to come!!!!

And  Hi!  Cynthia!  (great name too!)


  1. Hey Cindy! I was delighted to see we are partners in the bead soup party! So excited!!!

  2. Cindy, you are very fortunate to have Cynthia as your BSBP. She was my partner probably a couple of Blog Parties ago and she sent me awesome beads AND I have to say I WAS CHALLENGED!!! Good luck and enjoy!!!

    1. That's great Kitty! I will have to go back in time and check out your creations!