Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Turn!

Let me introduce my 7th Bead Soup Blog Party partner in creativity!
the talented....Emma Todd

Emma is the creative mind and hands behind A Polymer Penchant

Look at these adorable Robin's eggs!  That's a ton of detail in a little egg.  Beautiful colors!  Don't you just want to include them in one of your spring creations?   I am a sucker for nature and these would make a lovely vignette on your windowsill just the way she has them displayed in the picture.  Perfect!  

Emma makes all kinds of polymer beads.  Beautiful bright flowers, colorful swirling spacer disks.  Fun!  Fun! Fun!.   Her use of color and color combinations is YUMMY! She gives me a whole new respect for polymer clay, a medium I have little knowledge of,  so I can just drool over her work!

So...as I not so patiently wait for my soup mix to show up in my mailbox I dream of the talents Emma might be willing to share with me...waiting inside the wrappings.  

To be continued......


  1. stopping in visiting all the blogs for the bead soup blog party! good look with the challenge!

  2. Geez, how did I not see this sooner! My face is all red, you are too sweet. It's exciting to hear you haven't come across too much polymer before. I really hope it lives up to this high praise.

  3. I am so glad that you included lots of your beads in my mix! I don't wear a lot of my own jewelry (I don't wear a lot of jewelry..period) but I can't wait to have something I know I will keep for myself. And I so want to build a wardrobe around those colors!