Sunday, February 10, 2013

Everybody seems to be talking about their kitties I thought I would introduce mine.   

Today I start with Gremlin.  I didn't name daughter did, back when she found her as a kitten stuck in a garbage can.  Gremlin is the oldest... about 11 years now. 

She is petite and GRUMPY!  She hisses at everything, including the two newer cats.  She will walk through the house meowing with a little stuffed hippo (sometimes a pair of socks) until she finds you and puts it down gently near you.   We find this hippo everywhere.  Gremlin seems to like to leave it in our path from the bedroom to the bathroom, so if we need to get up in the middle of the night...we run in to it and hear the little rattling noise it makes.  Strange little quirks this kitty has.   

She also paces.  She has a path around the inside perimeter of the entire downstairs and when she's on one of her missions to make it all the way around...DON'T get in her way!

She is a beautiful cat!  Huge green eyes that look as if you are seeing them through magnifying glasses.  She is also one of the smallest cats I have ever seen.

So... that's a little about our little princess.  We almost lost her last year.  Not sure what it was.  The vet said a tumor and there was nothing we could do.  But...I fed her with a dropper, made sure she got liquids with a dropper and she pulled through and is still with feisty as ever.  I sure would miss those green eyes!


  1. She is beautiful! I am glad she pulled through last year. My brother's cat hisses at everyone; it has to be the meanest cat I have ever met. I call her hissy fit!