Thursday, November 1, 2012

Something different...but really fun to make!


  1. Beautiful bangle, love your form fold leaf. Leaves are my absolute favorite aspect of natures beauty!

    I have been immersing myself in creating copper cuffs and bangles since taking a class with Eva Sherman at Bead Fest last April (she is an awesome designer and instructor). Texturing and annealing is so much fun!

  2. Oh Wow...I just checked her blog. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with me. I am all self taught as you can probably tell. I feel so secluded where I live. Perhaps someday I can make it to Bead Fest it looks like a riot!

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  3. Bead Fest is a blast, you should add it to your calendar. Not only unlimited bead shopping, but spending time with other artists makes it a lot of fun! This post will give you some insight into it:

  4. Thanks again Kathleen...and the text is just fine :). I appreciate your replies :)